Youth Development Services
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The Youth Home is the core program from which all other YDS programs operate. It focuses on teaching youth skills in choice making, problem solving, self-management, natural consequences, communication, self-esteem, anger control and emotional well-being.  

The average length of stay is four and a half months, but some residents under special circumstances have remained longer. In rare cases, youth may remain in the youth home past their 18th birthday to complete their program if they are court-ordered to do so. Youth who are 15 years old and older are referred to LifeNet for additonal independent living services.

The philosophy of YDS is “child and family centered.” An individualized treatment plan is developed for each youth based upon the youth and family’s specific needs; social, emotional and educational. The program encompasses a broad spectrum of activities, all of which encourage positive growth and build upon success. A team consisting of the youth, the family, DFS, probation officer, mental health worker, and YDS staff work together in the development of treatment plans.  

Court orders are required for any placement over thirty days. Legal custody is retained by the Department of Family Services while physical custody is with YDS.  

  • 8 Long Term Care Beds
  • 24 Hour Awake Supervision
  • Independent Living Skills
  • Level System
  • Community Mental Health Services
  • Provides care to youth ages 10 to 17
  • Serves youth from across Wyoming