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Group Home Services
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The Group Home focuses on teaching youth skills in choice-making, independent living, problem solving, self-regulation, natural consequences, communication, self-esteem, and emotional well-being.  Referrals are made to local mental health providers.  YDS can assist youth and their families in communicating with providers that are not in the Douglas area via Zoom.  

Youth Care Workers (YCW) provide 24 hour supervision while maintaining a home-like structured environment.  They offer guidance and feedback, act as appropriate role models, maintain confidentiality, prepare nutritious meals, and assist implementing Individual Service Plans of Care.

The program is based on a level system designed to be completed in 6 months or less depending upon the needs of the youth and family.   

YDS is a 10 bed facility.  4 beds are dedicated to the long-term program.   
YDS is focused on the family as a unit.  YDS strives to offer services such as advocacy, referrals to mental health providers, referrals to wrap around, referrals to other agencies, and skill coaching to prevent out of home placement. Action plans are developed with the team to address needs to prevent removal from the home.  If those services do not meet the needs of the family, we will then accept the child for long or short term care. 

An Individualized Service Plan of Care is developed for each youth based upon the youth's and family's unique needs. Focus is on social, emotional and educational needs.  The plan is developed by a team consisting of the youth, their family, their support systems, Wyoming Department of Family Services if appropriate, school personnel, mental health providers, and YDS.
The cost of the Group Home Program is partially covered by a Block Grant from the Wyoming Department of Family Services.  Three beds are dedicated to court-ordered placements from Converse and surrounding counties.  Because of the requirement of family involvement, family's need to reside close enough to Douglas to participate in weekly visitation and goals of the Individual Service Plan of Care.

One bed is dedicated to family-made placements.  Youth who are Medicaid eligible may be placed in the long term program when it is determined by YDS, the family, and any professionals involved with the family that determine long term placement would be of benefit.

There is no cost to families to participate in this program.  Costs incurred over and above reimbursement from the state is made up with fundraising, grant writing, and support from local government.