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Crisis Shelter
The purpose of the Crisis program is to provide a time out for youth and their families to identify issues causing potential or actual removal from home.  YDS staff works with the families to assist them in resolving the issues,  provide intervention services and in the case of placement, reunify the family as soon as possible.  Referrals to the program can be made by youth self-referral, parents, guardians, social workers, therapists, law enforcement, school personnel and the court.   

This program can serve youth 0 to 17 years of age, but due to the differences required for care, YDS only provides crisis services to youth ages 10 to 17.  Beds are available to youth in need of temporary emergency shelter. Youth may be placed for up to 30 days.  Youth from anywhere in Wyoming can utilize a Crisis bed.  We also accept runaways from other states waiting for transport home.

The immediate physical, medical, and emotional needs of the youth are assessed at intake.  Referrals for additional follow-up services are made to appropriate agencies before the youth is released from the program.

A block grant from the Wyoming Department of Family Services covers part of the cost of providing the program.  There is no cost to families to participate in this program. Costs incurred over and above reimbursement from the state is made up with fundraising, grant writing, and support from local government.