Youth Development Services
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Program Components
Academic achievement is emphasized in all of YDS’ programs whether the youth is working towards a high school diploma or a GED. All youth with the exception of those in Independent Living are required to attend public school. Volunteer tutors are provided by YDS to assist the youth with their studies.

Extra-curricular activities are also encouraged. Every resident may participate in sports and school clubs as long as they maintain satisfactory grades. YDS believes that positive growth comes about by facilitating physical as well as emotional well-being. In addition to school activities, residents participate in planned activities at YDS utilizing local recreation facilities.

YDS is a ten bed facility; eight long term group home beds and two short term crisis shelter beds. Boys and girls bedrooms are located in separate halls. They are divided by the living room, dining area and staff desk. Bathrooms are located at the end of each hall and every bedroom has its own sink and mirror.

YDS residents participate in wide variety of self-esteem building activties ranging from school sports to ropes courses.

Therapists from the local mental health center as well as private therapists provide counseling. Each youth’s individual treatment needs are identified and the appropriate provider utilized. All youth at YDS receive both individual and group counseling on a regular basis. Youth court-ordered to the Group Home Program are required to participate in individal therapy.

Family and individual therapy are program requirements for families that are to be reunified. Crisis counseling is also available for all YDS residents twenty-four hours a day. Private insurance and Title XIX pay for therapy costs.